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Cello - Takumi Rogers: Portfolio




Takumi Rodgers is a Canadian/Japanese cellist with a passion for performance and musical collaboration, avidly pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree as a Performance major at the University of Calgary. He started cello at age 9 and began studying music under Lynne Backstrom in Brisbane, Australia at age 11. He then studied under Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra’s principal cellist Mark Rodgers for two years before moving to Calgary for his degree, where he now progresses with Beth Root-Sandvoss.

In the various stages of his musical journey, Takumi has performed with the Queensland Youth Orchestra (Australia), Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra, Calgary Youth Orchestra, countless chamber groups, and the University of Calgary Orchestra where he is currently the principal cellist. Over this time, Takumi has participated in many festivals and competitions, performing in provincial finals of the Alberta Music Festival, AUSTA Q competitions, The Frank Simpson concerto competition and many more, each with distinctions or higher.

His cello is a modern Monteverdi series II model configured by Australian luthier Adrian Petrino.

In his time not practicing, Takumi will be found enjoying video games and cardistry. 

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