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Since a young age I have been fascinated by music and the power its holds on me. It is an art form that encompasses the whole and transcends all. Born on small island in the Mid-Atlantic (Azores), my ancestry consists of simple farmers and fishermen.
As a young child I sang and acted in various church and school performances. Had my first piano and viola lessons in my early teens. Completed 6 years of Conservatory in Ponta Delgada, where I switched to viola, my main instrument. In 1995 commenced by post secondary education in Alberta and graduated with a Masters in Musicology in 2004, writing and presenting my thesis on the work (Flores de Musica for Organ 1620) and life of Manuel Rodrigues Coelho.
My hobbies are reading, hiking, travel and gardening. Passionate about arranging and composing in my spare time.
I am also a Junior High teacher in Calgary.

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