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Subin Choi started the violin at the age of six and studied with numerous musicians in town. She pursued Bachelor of Music degree in Violin at the University of Calgary.
She studied with Craig Hutchenreuther and later with Joan Barrett. She was a member of University of Calgary Orchestra and currently playing with the Calgary Civic Symphony. She learned to operate as an individual and part of a larger ensemble.
She has been previously the concertmaster of Whistler Con Brio Music Festival, Harrogate International Youth Festival of Music in England in summers of 2013-2015 and Calgary Korean Orchestra in 2018-2019. In addition, she is the violinist in residence at Knox Presbyterian Church since 2010.
As a violinist, she plays at weddings, collaborative events, and volunteers at senior homes putting on music concerts. As an educator, she has been teaching for eight years in specializing in violin. Subin brings passion to the instrument that students will quickly pick up.
She has experienced performing with large audiences and understands the strains could put on young students but has developed methods to help students.

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